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We have a platform inspired by the lifestyle of our customers, you can make your transactions easily without any problems or special requirements. The brain of the company’s computer has presence through our servers, capable of storing and attending any movement by the users and providing the best interaction.

About Us

Global Coin is a digital assets trading platform, leader in operations worldwide. Currently, Global Coin offers fixed transactions with the main digital assets, where they are operated by experts in digital asset trading such as Bitcoin. Global Coin has recently expanded to the United States and expects to serve more users around the world in the future.

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We give you reasons to choose us


Global Coin is a profitable investment fund in Latin America, earn commission from your referrals’ investment and generate up to 17% of profits from your package.


Global Coin has the best qualified security schemes, using cutting-edge technology and continuous improvement. Also, the company keeps instant contact with the clients and make them aware of all our news.


Register in our platform with just 3 steps, with the KYC verification system you will have a verified and authenticated account without complex procedures.


Be part of the most exclusive group of digital asset investors, you will receive individual treatment, support, and advice throughout the registration and investment process.



Your Business

Deposit and retirement

KYC verification is required to fully access to the Global Coin features.

You can request an individual or corporate account, but keep in mind that all the information must be accurate, it cannot be modified.

Individual account:

KYC Level 1 only requires basic information, including nationality, name and passport. If you provide inaccurate or false information, you must assume all consequences.

KYC Level 2 requires proof of identification. Before doing the verification, prepare the following:

1. Image of a valid international passport with a clearly visible expiration date.

2. The photo in your passport must be clearly visible.

3. The resolution of the image must be greater than 300dpi.

4. The image must be uploaded in the file format: jpg, jpeg, png or pdf. The maximum file size is 3MB.

Proof of address::

Load your driver's license or identification card. But if your address is not printed on the documents mentioned, upload the invoices that include your residential address dated no less than 3 months.

Business Account:

A business account allows you to operate under the name of a company (in countries or regions that we serve). It offers the same benefits as an individual account. You can authorize up to four people nominated to perform operations and administer the account on behalf of the company.

Register a new investment account first. Then, go to "Settings> Verification", and choose "Corporate Verification". The review usually takes 3-5 business days.

You must provide information about your company, such as:

- Country of registration.

- Company name.

- Previous company name (if applicable).

- Company name (local language).

- Registry number.

- Date of incorporation, address.

- Information of shareholders and directors.

- Information that includes business registration, company memorandum, annual report, board resolutions and more.

1. Provide correct and accurate information

– KYC Verification: provide your information in English. We have found that there are account names provided in Chinese, which are not accepted for the deposit and withdrawal process. If you provided the name of the Chinese account during the identity verification, please contact our customer service to modify it. After that, remove your GMM wallet and relink.

– Wallet Information: provide all the digits correctly of the wallet of your preference. To avoid wallets that are not your property we recommend the use of the www.eyewallet.com wallet since it gives us all the services required for user satisfaction.

2. Service fees

Charges are charged for withdrawals, which include:

* 5% GMM of your withdrawal balance and it will be charged from the balance of your account to the wallet.

* 5% of GMM of your balance will be discounted at the time of processing your payment from your wallet.

1. If your withdrawal request is rejected before approval, the service / income or withdrawal fee will be returned to your account.

2. However, if your withdrawal has already been approved, you must verify the wallet and the 5% service fee charged by GMM for the services provided to your GMM account.

3. Transfers between GMM accounts will have a service cost of 1.5% for the transaction made.

Begin to win commissions in cryptocurrencies

Refer your friends using voice to voice, social networks, videos, among other tools. Receive commissions according to the plan acquired by your referral and increase your profits exponentially.

Commision System:

Note 1: every sponsor must have an active package at the time of referring a user to our platform and everything is structured according to the business plan where the sponsor is in plan friends the commission of income works with six referrals or more of the same plan where your commission will be remunerated for an increase in the profits of your active package will increase from 10% to 15% per month if one of your referrals withdraws your plan will return to the initial profit of 10% of your active account.

Note 2: If a referral purchases a GMM PREMIUM package, the sponsor will receive a direct bonus to their 5% account and a direct profit on their active package of 12% on their active balance.

Note 3: If a referral purchases a GMM PLATINIUM package, the sponsor will receive a direct bonus to his account of 7% and a direct profit on his active package of 15% on his active balance.

Note 4: All referrals from the Business plan that includes PREMIUM AND PLATINIUM plans, its duration must be one year or your account will be punished with a direct penalty of 12% of your balance in the asset minus 5% at the time of withdrawal.

Global Coin

You can open your account with a deposit of 0.02BTC + 10% for operation procedures.
It's that easy!


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